Himalayan Salt Lamp Healthy Benefits

So what is so special about a Himalayan salt lamp? They can offer a number of ways to clean the air, reduce anxiety and stress as well as a number of other physical and mental conditions. These orange-pink salt lamps have a modest glow and warm up every room. Try one today and see if you feel better as a result.

Himalayan salt lamps are made of a solid block of salt. They have been cut to allow for either a tea light candle or you can get ones that are electric with a small light. Just make sure when you are purchasing one that it is authentic and not a cheap imitation.

If you want more of this salt in your home you can buy the large crystals and add to bowls and place around the house. You can also use this salt in all your cooking. These two ideas offer even more health benefits.

How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Work:

Himalayan Salt LampThey add both positive and negative ions into the air.

They do this when you add a heat source such as a candle or light bulb.

Negative ions are good for cleaning the air and as a result, you will feel better.

Positive ions can make a person feel sick and they can even trigger allergies. In order to balance out the positive ions, you need to have enough negative ions in the air.

When you have a salt lamp in the room, negative ions are released into the air as a result of the heat from the light bulb.

This will help you to feel better, be more refreshed, and as well be allergy-free.

Clean the Air with Salt Lamps

If you are someone who suffers from allergies or you have asthma, a salt lamp will help to clean the air making it easier to breathe.

In fact, these lamps will help to clean the air of all sorts of pollutants including cigarette smoke, dander, dust, mold or pollen.

The lamp absorbs any moisture in the air. This is where all the pollutants are contained and since they get trapped inside the salt, they are cleaned and returned to the air.

That is why you will find rooms are quite a bit less humid when using a salt lamp.

Getting Rid of Allergy Symptoms

Himalayan Salt LampAnother good thing about cleaning the air of pollutants is that you may notice that you are breathing better and your allergy symptoms have improved.

One room you might want to add a salt lamp is your bedroom. See if this doesn’t help your allergies and as well, help you get a better night’s sleep.

Improving Energy Levels

Do you find you have more energy when you are out in the fresh air? That is because out in nature there are a lot more natural negative ions.

This can also happen when you have a salt lamp in the room. You will find that you have more energy since the positive ions from electrical appliances isn’t draining your energy levels.

You just might find that you fatigue and insomnia have disappeared. Just so you know, it can take a week or so before you will notice any difference.

Improving Mental Health

We all would like to have less stress and anxiety in our lives. A Himalayan salt lamp is a good way to improve mental health. By reducing the stress you will be able to do more and feel better at the same time.

Salt Lamps Reduce Stress

Positive ions from your computer or even the television can cause more stress to your system. This is especially true if you don’t have your windows open all the time. Nature and fresh air are great suppliers of negative ions.

Reduce Your Anxiety

Nothing is more upsetting than having an anxiety or panic attack. If you find you have these regularly, you might want to consider getting one of these lamps.

If you live where there isn’t a lot of sunshine during the winter months and you don’t take Vitamin D, you might want to take a look at having a salt lamp.

Fresh and sunlight help people from experiencing depression, especially during the winter months.

You may find it very helpful to have as many of these lamps in your home as you can. However, having one in the bedroom and one in the living room is a good start.

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